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Take your calligraphy
to the next level with the
skill of freehand engraving

With personalized gifts and on-site events on the rise, learn and master the skill of freehand engraving and start offering this luxurious service to your clients!

welcome to
Freehand Engraving,

A virtual workshop all about the basics of freehand engraving
taught by 
Vivien of Vivi Lettering

Create timeless keepsakes

With the rise of personalized gifts and on-site brand activations, people are looking for something timeless!


From jewelry boxes, to stainless steel tumblers, or anniversary wine bottles, you can create beautiful keepsakes that last a lifetime.


Vivien’s workshop was so easy to understand and very informative!

I learned so many tips and tricks that have already helped with my engraving.

I love how she goes over the many different surfaces you can engrave on and things to keep in mind. I highly recommend her workshop before starting out

your engraving adventure.

- Ruby @ruby.styles.lettering


Avoid the top mistakes most beginners make when engraving on different surfaces!

Freehand engraving might be intimidating for some due to it's permanency but now you can skip the trial and error stage!


By the end of the course, not only will you have grasped the concept of it but also the different types of surfaces you can engrave on.

Vivien shares her tricks for engraving on each different kind of surface while also telling you what to watch out for so that you don't make the same mistakes! 

What you get




Engraving tools and supplies

Engraving on Glass

Engraving on Marble

Engraving on Metal

Engraving on Wood

Engraving on Ceramic

Useful Tips to Know

and take your calligraphy to the next level!

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Vivien is a calligrapher based in Richmond, BC. Her journey started in 2017 where she became fascinated with traditional dip pen calligraphy. Her respect for traditional aspects of calligraphy and today's trends give her a diverse capability to work with a variety of clients. She has worked with in the wedding industry, at luxury brand activations and has taught calligraphy workshops!

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