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Vancouver based calligraphy artist,  
Irene transforms products into keepsakes
that will be cherished for many years to come
for brand events, on-site events, corporate gifting, and weddings


hand painted + calligraphy 

freehand engraving

freehand hot foiling


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what clients are saying

"Not only did Irene provide beautiful custom work, she went above and beyond to engage with our customers while they observed her artistry in real-time.
It was a pleasure working with her."

With 5 years of experience working as an on-site event calligrapher, Irene has built a variety of specialty skills to offer to clients. Irene also loves engaging with people and has helped numerous brands achieve positive and memorable experiences through her services. 

There's something magical

about personalized products, especially when it is witnessed live in action. On-site calligraphy has a unique power to draw people in, engage them, and make them feel appreciated and special.

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Get in touch with Irene to plan your next event!


calligraphy in Vancouver, BC

Using high quality permanent ink offered in various colors such as white, gold, rose gold, and silver. Suitable for any surface such as leather, glass, plastic, bottles, etc.

freehand engraving

Using a handheld micro motor engraver with choice of plain, gold or silver color fill in. Suitable for glass or steel surfaces such as keychain tags, perfume bottles, and stainless steel water bottles.

freehand hot foiling

Using a handheld hot foiling tool with choice of white, gold, rose gold, or silver foil. Suitable for leather, wood surfaces such as leather keychain tags, wallets, make up brushes, passport holders.

in studio

In-studio calligraphy and engraving services such as handwritten cards, envelope addressing, or personalized brand products, freehand engraving on wine bottles or perfume bottles, and hot foiling services. Contact me today with your ideas for an exact quote for your next event.

services/  on-site

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