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a program designed for you, the evolving calligrapher,

with curated workshops to inspire and transform you into your fullest potential.

a video dedicated to you, 

the evolving calligrapher

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Learn & Grow

Curated to Create is a program designed to take you on a self-discovery journey.
With the guidance of our team of instructors and a total of 12 workshops, you will have the opportunity to find your passion and learn how to utilize your calligraphy skills to the fullest potential. Our workshops are curated with the evolving calligrapher in mind. They will further help you develop your portfolio and solidify brand presence with courses such as brand strategy and product styling. You will be able to experience so much more. 
Get out of your comfort zone and learn something new today!

Challenge & Take Action

Get the hands-on experience you need through bi-monthly challenges.

You will learn from experts in the field and have a chance to put your skill to good use.

By the end of the month, not only would you have gained experience using a new skill,

you would also have made something pretty to gift or keep for your portfolio!

There will also be prizes for each challenge to help motivate you.

Strong Support System

Community is one of the core values of Curated to Create.

We are here to support you on your journey of growth. We share our struggles and overcome them together.


Connect with like-minded creatives who believe in community over competition. Lift and inspire each other!


Form everlasting friendships! Our live group sessions are designed in a way for you to get to know other members on a more personal level.


Hold each other accountable and cheer each other on to achieve your goals.

Female Empowerment

Curated to Create is created in support of empowering women. Everyone onboard from instructors all the way down to videographers and production team is a woman.


Surround yourself with powerful women who will inspire and motivate you to achieve great things.


Learn from successful female entrepreneurs who run their own small businesses. Your instructors show you their entire process from scratch to finish


Get the opportunity to get the answers to all your questions during our live group mentoring sessions


This program will help you . . .

  • Shift your mindset and become more confident in your offerings.

  • Expand your skills to the fullest potential with hands-on experience through our assigned projects.

  • Elevate your portfolio by giving you the opportunity to create real, finished end products.

  • Create beautiful content for by showing you how to style your products and edit your photos.

  • Boost your confidence to overcoming roadblocks with the support of your peers and your mentors.

  • Develop strong, everlasting friendships with people who understand you and will 100% support you.

  • Challenge yourself and evolve.


here's what

our members are saying:





Best known for her love of lettering on anything but paper, Irene will guide you on how to letter on unique surfaces such as acrylic, wood, fabric, marble, and more using her fool proof techniques in this fun workshop.



Learn how to letter on a leather jacket from one of Vancouver's most sought after calligrapher. In this course, you will learn Maurelle's techniques and things to watch out for when lettering on leather.



Doris is the author or Extraordinary Hand Lettering, which provides readers a window into the possibilities of hand lettering on almost any surface. She's always on a mission to use her hand lettering to create something meaningful. As a mentor, Doris will share her experiences being a creative and overcoming self limiting beliefs in an interactive live session.



Known as one of Instagram's top flourishing queens, Isabel  is here to share her knowledge on the art of flourishing and how to train your eye. Learn how to use these  illustrations to decorate and add interest to your calligraphy pieces.



Alissa, who is the author of "Fearless Flourishing", teaches all about using flourishes to layout and compose a piece. 

Book of Honor Heather_edited.jpg


Here's your opportunity to learn offhand floral flourishing from Heather! She has studied under Master Penman Michael Sull and Brian Walker, Heather has gained popularity worldwide with her beautiful Victorian style.



Learn all about floral illustration as Jessica guides you through her process drawing beautiful flowers.

Learn how to use these  illustrations to decorate and add interest to your calligraphy pieces.

Coming Soon


details coming soon!

Coming Soon


details coming soon!



 Vivien will share with you her process and secrets of how to hand engrave on glass, metals, lipsticks, and more!



Let's take  a break from calligraphy and learn how to make pretty and dainty jewelry with Esther.



As a hand engraver, Telisa has worked with numerous brands. Join us in a live mentoring session to chat about what it's like working with luxurious brands.



Learn how to style your flat lays for your products and use your phone to take and edit photos from one of Canada's most inspiring wedding photographers.



Known for her elegant and minimalist styles, Julie will walk you through how to design logos or monograms for yourself or your clients!

The Daily Atelier Branding-53.jpg


Alicia is a magician when it comes to brand strategy. In this live workshop about the values of branding,  Alicia will show you how to find your "why" and implement your values into your work so that you never lose sight of your path.



As the owner of two successful companies and someone who is passionate about using visuals in her brand, Karla will speak about the importance and power of using aesthetics that speaks to your audience.

bonus sessions

*special guest speakers will be invited to live sessions throughout the program!

This section will be updated periodically to include all guest speakers.




what you get:

enrolment reopens
spring 2022

  • 9 pre-recorded workshops

  • 3 live workshops

  • Bi-monthly hands-on project/challenge

  • Bi-monthly giveaways

  • Bi-monthly live group sessions

  • Mentoring sessions with guest speakers

  • Live Q&A sessions

  • Lifetime access to private FB community

  • Cancel anytime (monthly payment option only)


Thank you for signing up!


What is Curated to Create?

Curated to Create is a fun 1 year long membership-based learning program with hands-on bi-monthly projects for calligraphers. Each month, a new workshop (taught by local female entrepreneurs) will be released to students. A monthly challenge will be announced the following month to allow students to have hands-on practice. Complete with mini courses, live Q&A sessions, guest speakers, real talk topics during live group sessions, you can be sure to get the most out of the program. The best part is the forever community! By the end of the year, you would not have only flourished (no pun intended) in your skills but you would be able to form lasting friendships with like minded individuals.

What type of content will you cover in the program?

I've curated a total of 12 workshops for the intermediate calligrapher. We will cover topics like floral illustration, freehand engraving, lettering on unique surfaces, flourishing, branding, product styling and photo editing. In addition, there will be guest speakers and live group mentoring sessions throughout the program which will focus on developing a healthy mindset as a calligrapher. 

When does each course start?

Workshops are released on the 2nd week of every month. They will be split into 5 - 30 mins videos so that it doesn't become too overwhelming. A live Q&A with the instructor will be available at the end of the month to answer all your questions.

I'm only interested in taking a certain course.

Throughout the year, there will be opportunities to purchase certain courses for a limited time. Cost will differ per course. Sadly, this option does not include the exclusive community group but will include one live Q&A session with the instructor at a set date. You will have lifetime access to the course.

Will the program take up a lot of my time?

I understand 100% how easy it is to get overwhelmed with too much going on in life. This is why I plan to break each course into bite-sized 5 - 30 mins videos that are easy to digest. You will have 2 full months to learn and practice each new skill at your own pace before we move onto the next workshop. While lessons and projects will be released on a set schedule, do not feel obligated to do them right away. You will have lifetime access to the workshops you take.

Can I sign up whenever I want?

Doors will remain closed after enrolment period. I want to ensure that I dedicate the time getting to know my members and giving them my full attention. You will also be getting to know all enrolled members on a personal level and experience the growth journey with each other. This is the best way to develop a strong connection and genuine relationship. Doors will open twice a year. Our next enrolment period will be in Spring 2022!

Can I cancel whenever I want?

If you are on the monthly payment,  there are no restrictions on how long you want to stay. You just have to remember to cancel your subscription before the next billing cycle. Plans that cancel under 4 months  will loose access to workshops once the billing cycle is up.  If you have been with us for more than 4 months, you will have lifetime access to workshops that you have taken within your time with the program.


meet the face behind the program

rintzylee designs

Hi, I'm Irene!


I'm the creator of Curated to Create and also the owner behind Rintzylee Designs, an award winning stationery and calligraphy studio based out of Vancouver, BC.


I’m a dream chaser, a BBT addict, puppy lover, stationery nerd, and an Ennegram 3. When I'm not busy trying to turn everything I touch into gold (foiling lol), I can be found binge watching Kdramas or chasing after one of my 3 kids.


During the pandemic, I had the opportunity to 
rediscover my core values & purpose, my ikigai.

transparency, community, growth, female empowerment 

One day, it suddenly clicked. 
I knew exactly what I needed to do... what I've always done. 

"To inspire and support others trying to find their ikigai."

This strong desire to help others turn their dreams into reality has led me to create a community where it can allow all of us to support, inspire, and grow together on our journey

on finding purpose...


"Stay curious, stay creative, 
and know that you are capable 
of doing whatever you dream of"
rintzylee designs




Enrolment is currently closed but will reopen again Spring 2022. Sign up on the wait list and join us next year on a beautiful and uplifting creative journey of inspiration and empowerment. We can't wait to connect with you!

This is me in 2016 before I went full time with my calligraphy business!
I still get goosebumps when I see that last sentence!

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