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What if... you could create the event experience of the year?

Did you know that 73% of people prefer a personalized experience? And that when you give people the best experience, they will talk about it for years to come?


I discovered my superpower by chance back in 2016. I was sitting with a friend at the food court of my local shopping mall. She had asked me to engrave on some ornaments for her which I agreed to. It wasn't even 5 minutes past, before our table started drawing a crowd. Strangers were stopping to watch me engrave. They asked me questions like: What was I doing? How was I doing that?!! 

It was right then and there that I knew I had the power to create an experience that can draw people in. An experience that will bring genuine curiosity, excitement and appreciation.


Hey, I'm Irene. I help my clients create a 2 in 1 entertainment and gifting service through the art of calligraphy and engraving that helps you give back to your guests so that they feel:

👉🏻 Acknowledged

👉🏻 Appreciated

👉🏻 Loved

👉🏻 Special

👉🏻 and Seen


Over the last 5 years, my love for expressing emotions through art continues to challenge me to provide one-of-a-kind products and memorable experiences. I love being able to witness the connections that happen between total strangers, and how my calligraphy can bring people so much joy and make them feel truly special.


If you also care about uniqueness, quality and client experience, we need to chat! Shoot me an email to and let’s talk about how we can bring the same kind of experience to the VIPs at your events

Irene is a BC award-winning onsite events calligrapher and stationery designer based in Vancouver, BC. Named as one of the most creative stationers in British Columbia by Real Weddings in 2020, she gets her inspiration through the connection she has with her clients. She uses this personal connection to bring to life stationery design that embodies her clients and their visions. 


Her work has been featured in publications such as WedLuxe Magazine, Real Weddings Canada, and Grey Likes Weddings to name a few. She has also collaborated and worked with well known international brands such as Prada, Sephora, Lululemon, Sulwhasoo, and L'Oreal Luxe.

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