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calligraphy services for PR events, brands, and corporate gifting

With 6 years of experience
working as a professional calligrapher in Vancouver, Irene has built a variety of specialty skills to offer to clients. Irene also loves engaging with people and has helped numerous brands achieve positive and memorable experiences through her services. 

There's something magical

about personalized products, especially when it is witnessed live in action. On-site calligraphy has a unique power to draw people in, engage them, and make them feel appreciated and special.

vancouver artist bottle painting onsite
onsite hot foiling in vancouver

product launch / brand activation




corporate gifts / cards to vip clients




personalized press kits






Invitations to events

Create an on-brand  unique experience for your clients by having a calligrapher + engraver write or engrave their names or special messages on your newly launched product.

Show your most cherished clients that you appreciate them through personalized gifts. Add value with an engraved bottle of wine or a thoughtful handwritten calligraphy note.

Imagine how your VIP clients will feel as they open up their press kit and see the attention to detail all the way down to a personalized gift. If you are going to send something, make it Instagram worthy. 

Invite guests to your event with hand addressed envelopes and cards 

day of stationery - place cards / menus

Set the tone of your event and ensure everything is on brand from the from handwritten place cards to menus on the table at a dinner event. With an engraver & calligrapher on your team, we can make sure everything is perfect.

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