Do you want to learn
the fastest and easiest 
way to draw
beautiful flowers?

From the hellebore, to the rose, to the peony and many more, the techniques taught in this workshop will help you understand how simple it can be to draw these flowers!

welcome to
Floral Illustration
Made Easy,

A simple step by step online workshop
taught by 
Jessica of Penscript on 6th


Drawing flowers doesn't have to be hard!

If you have found drawing flowers daunting in the past, we are here to help you figure it out! 


In this workshop, Jessica breaks down the main components of illustrating some of her favourite flowers.


She will guide you using her step by step techniques in the easiest way possible to help you draw flowers that actually look like flowers!

I love Jessica’s teaching style - so thorough and down to earth.

She made me feel like she was right there as she walked through the steps of drawing florals. I have struggled with drawing realistic florals in the past, and taking Jessica’s class helped me overcome that obstacle.

- Angenise @thegracefulpenstudio


No more frustrations!

By the end of the course, not only will you have grasped the concept of drawing 

beautiful flowers, you will also learn how to draw them from different angles.

Jessica wraps up the course by showing you how to put together all the flowers you have learnt to draw into a beautiful floral wreath that you can incorporate in other projects.

 Jessica explains everything in detail in way that’s very easy to understand.

The structure of the class is packed of great tips without being overwhelming.
One of the most beautiful creative classes I’ve taken!

- Vivi @calligravivs

What you get




Best tools and materials

Basic strokes for drawing petals

Shading techniques

Illustrating the Chamomile

Illustrating the Hellebore

Illustrating the Rose

Illustrating the Peony

Illustrating lavender and other fillers

Illustrating greenery

Bonus: Illustrating a floral wreath

and start learning to draw the flowers you love!



Jessica is an illustrator and calligrapher located in New Westminster, BC. Her inspiration comes from nature and her art is organic and wild. Join her for a fun and simple beginner floral illustration class that will bridge you into the world of line drawing.