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Top 3 Engravable Swag Gifting Ideas for Your Next Event

Branded merchandise isn't new to the corporate gifting world but if you have been to enough events, you will start noticing that majority of these swag items are repetitive and hard to get people excited about. Enter engraving experiences - where each guest gets to be part of the gifting experience by having their own names engraved on the swag gifts right in front of their eyes. Not only is it mesmerizing to watch, your guests will feel truly special and remember you as the one who gifted them with a heart warming experience intended just for them.

So if you are looking to incorporate this into your next event whether for a trade show conference or media launch, here are the top 3 engravable swag items you can gift at your next event:

Personalized Luggage Tags like the ones we personalized for an event in tourism.

Not only is it cute, it's also very important for people who travel!

Personalized Business Card Holders like the ones we did for our client at Camel.

It's small and easy to slip into pockets or bags without fear of losing it during their time at the event.

Personalized Tumblers because... well who doesn't need more tumblers?! They were a hit at our event with Aston Martin during their media event and guests had so much fun choosing what they wanted engraved on their gifts!

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favourite swag item you would like to see personalized with your name?


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